Contest Rules – EASTER JACKPOT


  1. This regulation establishes the participation conditions applicable to the contest organized by CKS, located at Vilvoorde, Luchthavenlaan 1/00/1.

  2. To participate in the contest, you must enter your email address and date of birth between April 03, 2024, and April 14, 2024, confirm via email, fill in your details, and answer the contest question. If the contest question is answered correctly, you can proceed with the jackpot and find out if you have won with three identical icons. The customer will receive a discount code or gift voucher via email. If a handbag, shopper bag, belt, or socks are won, the winner must contact via email as stated in the email.

  3. The contest runs from 03/04/2024 until 14/04/2024 at midnight. CKS requests participants to leave their email address and date of birth and then fill in the contest question.

  4. 6 winners will win one of the following prizes:

    • 1x 20% discount at CKS
    • 1x CKS gift voucher worth €150
    • 1x CKS belt
    • 1x CKS socks
    • 1x CKS shopper bag
    • 1x CKS handbag


  1. Participants acknowledge by the mere fact of participation that they have accepted the general contest regulations and the specific contest regulations. Results and decisions made by CKS and the contest jury cannot be contested for any reason. Correspondence regarding the contest results is not permitted.

  2. This contest is open to any natural person, except:

    • Employees and directors of CKS and CRG Group and its affiliated companies, any person involved in the organization of the contest, family members up to the second degree of the aforementioned excluded natural persons.
    • Minors may participate in the contest provided they have obtained prior consent from their parents (or the person exercising parental authority). If a minor participates, it means they have obtained such consent.
    • CKS reserves the right to request written confirmation of the obtained consent at any time and to verify it in other ways, as well as to exclude any minor from the contest who cannot immediately or within a reasonable period specified by CKS provide such confirmation.
    • CKS reserves the right to exclude any person from participating in the contest (co-)organized by CKS for a certain period in case of a breach of any participation conditions or in case of abuse, deception, or participation in bad faith in a contest.
  3. Participation must always be on a personal basis and cannot involve multiple persons.

  4. Only fully completed entry forms received by CKS before the end of the contest on 14/04/2024 at midnight will be considered.

  5. A participant can win a maximum of one prize per contest.

  6. CKS makes or provides no guarantee regarding the prize. CKS cannot be held liable for any accidents or damage directly or indirectly related to the won prize. A prize can only be awarded to the winner and is therefore non-transferable.

    The prize is indivisible and must be accepted as awarded. The prize cannot be surrendered or exchanged for a sum of money under any circumstances. If a prize is sent by post, CKS cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of the prize by postal services or for any delay in receipt. In case the prizes are sent by registered mail, CKS also cannot be held liable for damage, loss, or delay if the prize is not collected by the winner.

  7. CKS cannot be held liable if, due to force majeure or any other reason beyond CKS's control, the duration of the contest is changed, or if the contest is modified or simply canceled. Likewise, CKS cannot be held responsible for a technical problem or a problem with postal services (delay, strike, damage, or loss) preventing participation.

  8. CKS reserves the right to amend the participation conditions at any time. The old participation conditions will still apply to ongoing contests at that time.

  9. The participant is obliged to provide their email address. As a participant, you agree that CKS or an affiliated company of CKS, as data controllers, will use and process your personal data, included with your application, for the following purposes: registering, confirming, and processing your application for the contest. As a participant, you also agree that the data requested by CKS, in the context of your application, will be stored and retained. Your personal data will not be used for commercial purposes. CKS is responsible for the processing of your personal data. You have the right to correct your data if it is incomplete or incorrect by simply sending a written request to

  10. Spam and Spam Filters

    CKS does not send spam. If you receive an email or newsletter from CKS, it is in response to your request or inquiry. If you still receive unwanted emails from CKS, you can notify us, and we will take the necessary steps to ensure you no longer receive emails. CKS cannot be held responsible if emails sent by CKS are considered spam or unwanted mail. CKS always considers such emails as correctly sent to the participant. In some cases, the participant can add email addresses from CKS to their address book to avoid this issue.

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