These conditions apply to the competition under the name "The Happiness Challenge giveaway" organized by CKS with registered office at Bautersemstraat 68A, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium.

Article 1 - Organisation

The competition is organised by CKS, member of FNG International NV, with registered office at 2800 Mechelen (Belgium), Bautersemstraat 68A and is accessible via the website or This competition takes place in collaboration with partner Cent Pur Cent.

Article 2 - Period

The competition takes place from 10/06/2020 12 a.m. to 16/06/2020 11:59 p.m..

Article 3 - Rules of the game

You can participate by following the steps below.

1. The contest will take place on the Instagram channels of CKS & CENT PUR CENT.

2. The participant is asked to follow the pages of the two partners, to like the post, to share it and to tag people with the indication to whom they link the color pink and what mood they link to the color pink.

3. Participation in the competition is open to any natural person of age and residence in Belgium.

4. Each person can only take part in the competition once.

Article 4 - Winners

1. There will be 1 winner via the CKS Instagram account & 1 winner via the CentPurCent account.

2. The winner satisfies all the conditions described in Article 3.

3. Participants who do not meet the conditions described in Article 3 or who are suspected of deception or abuse will automatically be excluded. In this case, the next person who satisfies the conditions described in Article 3 will be elected.

4. The winner will be chosen based on the most original response to the Instagram post.

5. The winner will be chosen by a jury, composed of the members of the marketing department of CKS. No story is possible against the result of the jury.

6. The winner will be chosen on 17/06/2020.

7. The winner will be notified via Instagram private message and email.

Article 5 - Price

1. Each account chooses a winner. Winner wins a personal styling session for her & 1 friend in a chosen CKS store twv 100 euro per person coupled with personal make-up advice by a CentPurCent make-up artist. Winner + girlfriend will also receive a blush + lipstick gift from Cent Pur Cent.

2. The price is not transferable to third parties.

3. Under no circumstances can the price be exchanged for cash value.

Article 6 - Changes

The organizer of the competition reserves the right to modify the competition or its course if unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their control justify it. They cannot be held liable if, due to circumstances beyond their control, the competition should be interrupted, postponed or cancelled.

Article 7 - Correspondence

No correspondence will be conducted concerning the rules, questions, mechanism or result of the competition, either by telephone, in writing, electronically or by any other means.

Article 8 - General

1. Participating in this contest implies that one agrees with the current rules.

2. The winners give their express consent to CKS to disclose their identity in the media in general.


This action is in no way sponsored by, managed by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram. Participants cannot hold Cent pur Cent or FNG International NV liable in any way for any damages resulting from their participation.

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