Dresscode Red: how to


Valentine’s Outfit Guide: 3x Valentine-proof looks

Brace yourselves, Valentine’s Day is coming! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day or not, every holiday is the perfect excuse for a nice outfit, right? And you already guessed it… Those outfits are all about red on February 14th. CKS is your wingwoman and inspires lovebirds, single ladies as well as cozy snugglers with a red look.

Drinks with friends

Valentine is all about celebrating the people you love most! Why not do that with your best friends? Plan a pleasant evening with your girl's gang, including dinner & drinks. Your dress code? Red with a twist. This surprising pleated skirt lets your heart beat faster! Add a playful touch, and combine on a top with see-through accents.

Dinner date

Do you have a romantic date in mind? Whether you stay at home or go to a restaurant: this outfit it will be love at first sight. Wide trackpants with red details and a wool cardigan look effortless chic.

Comfy at home

Binge-watching your favorite series with a glass of wine and a blanket… Does that thought make your heart beat faster? Celebrate valentine in a cozy way in your couch! Do you prefer doing that in style? Put on a warm sweater and shirt combined with comfy track pants. Get closer to your love (or blanket), and you’re all set.

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