About #CKSDigiSquad

Meet the #CKSDigiSquad

Becoming Instagram or YouTube famous, it’s on every kids’ bucket list. But did you know we have our own cool gang of teen influencers?! They use social media as their online playground and share their adventures with their followers. CKS gets to work with its favorite teen influencers: the #CKSDigiSquad. Let us introduce them! 

Vlogger Morgane Eyletten

A YouTube star is born! When you follow the popular Flemish vlogger Morgane Eyletten on YouTube, you get swept up in her daily life. Expect funny clips where she bakes with her grandmother aka “Meke”, puts on make-up on a friend while she’s blindfolded, shares tips for when you’re bored… Morgane chose an outfit with some popping colors and combined the Lopez sweater with the Zafine skirt


Amber Broos: DJ 13 amps

Amber Broos’ passion? DJ-ing! And this 14 year old is very talented! Under the name DJ amps she brought out her first single together with the Dutch DJ Robert Abigail (known for the catchy Mojito Song). You go girl! During the preps of a live set, this up-and-coming DJ has put on a red cardigan with the Edithas dungaree and the Nandabis body


Robin Jonckheere

Maybe you recognize Robin from the Voice kids. Yep, he was that blonde boy that has given you goosebumps with his version of “Die in your arms”. His life goal? Taking up singing professionally. In the meantime we are happy that we get to listen to fun covers. But what is his favorite CKS look? The multicolor Botan shirt and these comfy joggers


Noralie Van Der Leene

Noralie, Nora for her friends, was also in the spotlight during The Voice Kids. This power chick didn’t only move you with her voice, she inspires 7700 followers on her Instagram account. The CKS items where Noralie crushed on from the beginning are the Lorna shirt, the Mattia maxi dress and basic black skinny jeans


Jill Stevens

Jill blew away the The Voice Kids jury with her version of “Freedom” by Beyoncé. And she kept on singing! On her YouTube channel she inspires with beautiful covers, while you can follow her daily life on Instagram. Fun pics included! This #CKSDigiSquad matched the red Golda sweater with the Zofine shirt and comfy Janice pants